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The following are is a list of mobility aids for around the home. An occupational therapist is the person from the health care community who typically assists in outfitting a home for individuals with physical challenges. The health care stores which carry the products outlined below are a valuable asset if you aren't able to afford the services of an occupational therapist or when a government program isn't in place. People who are employed in these fields are caring individuals.

If you are under financial stress while facing mobility issues contact your local hospitals physiotherapy rehabilitation unit to determine of government resources exist to help in the purchase of some aids necessary to your care. The hospitals patient feedback / complaints department may be able to let you know if older equipment from the hospital is being decommissioned and might become available for your home or local resources for you to check out.

In addition if the tools are for sale in a second hand store and you approach management with your situation they may work with you so you may obtain the tools you need. This is typically part of their vision / mission. Show initiative with your health. It will bring you the extra mile.

Bed Side Table
A bed side table typically is adjustable in height. Similar in use for patients who are in a hospital this is an invaluable resource for in home care. With its coaster it may easily be situated over a bed, wheelchair or favorite chair for the individual being cared for.

Extendable Tap Handles
Extendable tap handles provider a larger surface area to turn on taps. They are especially beneficial when a weak grip is an issue or when they can't quite be reached due to being in a wheelchair.

Grab Bars
Grab bars allow extra support and security for transfers in and out of the shower and additional support while showering. These may be mounted throughout a residence where the person with mobility issues needs help standing up.

Raised Toilet Seat
A raised toilet seat is essential "preventative medication" following total hip replacement surgery to avoid a dislocated hip. The intention is to keep the prevent the hip joint from forming less than a 90° angle with the chest. This temporary measure increases the height of the toilet seat by approximately three inches.

A reacher acts similar to a prosteic arm in it's ability to pick up and retrieve items 24" to 30" away. This is a priceless tool for someone with mobility issues.

Shower Chair
A shower chair is used to sit on while showering. The chair portion is made out of plastic and isn't adversely affected by water. This is especially beneficial where it is painful to stand or while recovering from a broken bone. If purchasing one look for a model which has sturdy legs.

Sock Horn
A sock horn is a tool which allows an individual who struggles to bend at the waste and knees to put on their own socks. The sock to be worn is placed on the sock horn. Using the flexible handles the sock horn is positioned so the the foot is at the opening. With the motion of pulling the handles higher the foot enters into the cavity and the sock is left on the foot as it leaves the sock horn.

A sense of independence fights off depression during a long term illness or with the aging process. Telephones are available for purchase which come with large number keypads, screens for call display and speaker phone options. This is a life line for the individual who owns it and the means for relationships in their life.

Toilet Support Frame
This piece of equipment provides support for sitting down and standing up while using the toilet.

A toilevator acts similar to an elevator. It is permanently installed under the toilet raising it by about three inches. This is the long term solution for individuals with mobility issues or who are in wheelchairs and need assistance with transfers to the toilet.

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